We’re taking a break, and that’s OK

Right now something has to give for us, so we’re taking a break from the Juggle. It’s not forever, but we also aren’t committing to a set date that we’ll be back. This isn’t an easy choice, but it feels…
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Life at a Distance: Giving birth & moving back to Singapore

In our series "Life at a Distance," we'll be sharing the experiences of featured Juggle readers adjusting to new socially distant lifestyles post-COVID-19. Julia gave birth to her first daughter and Justine went back to Singapore to be with her family…

Dancing in quarantine

A love letter to dancing in quarantine + a bunch of virtual dance parties and classes: ways to move your body and de-stress in the age of the coronavirus.

Why we’re drinking less in quarantine

For Jen and Sarah, drinking during quarantine doesn't work. Drinking has often left Sarah feeling physically like crap, and Jen's always had a problematic on-again, off-again relationship with alcohol. So they both decided to cut way back. That choice certainly isn’t…
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Putting grief on my schedule

At best, the coronavirus crisis is like a shitty breakup — if you don't make time to process your feelings and grieve, they'll just overwhelm you and flare up when you least expect it. So go ahead, cry in the…

Quarantine reads: The Juggle’s book, podcast & TV recs

Here are a few of the things we’re listening to, watching and reading in quarantine to take our minds off the pandemic. We can’t promise they’re all positive, but at least they’re all something different.

Coping during the COVID-19 pandemic

The world is a pretty scary place right now. Our mantra: “We are doing the best we can to manage everything that is going on.” See how we're coping during COVID and share how you're doing the same.

Joy in the time of coronavirus

If, like us, you’ve found yourself reading coronavirus news late into the night and struggling to manage stress, here are a few distractions that can hopefully bring a bit of joy in spite of it all.

Navigating friendship as an adult

Making friends as an adult is hard. Maintaining them can feel even harder. Alyssa shares six lessons she has learned 15 years and six moves later.




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