There’s no handbook for finding a job you like, doing it well, maintaining a personal life — and trying not to lose your cool in the process. 

We created The Juggle as a space for women to connect, share stories and practical advice, and capitalize on our collective brilliance. Career paths, aspirations and definitions of success take a million different shapes. Let’s celebrate each other’s successes, learn from our challenges and help one another get ahead — whatever that might look like for each of us.

Meet the team

Sarah is a content and marketing specialist who loves making complicated stuff simple and fun. She prides herself on being able to find a cool story in almost anything. Sarah’s career is the definition of a jungle gym in the jungle gym vs. ladder debate — she has worked in offices, schools, restaurants and a prison! She loves to read novels and plays on a field hockey team. Sarah lives in Austin.

Amy is passionate about creating clear and meaningful content. When she’s not writing or editing, she enjoys helping people discover and tap into their strengths through yoga and other learning experiences. Baking is her love language, and her husband is an obliging taste tester. They live in Austin with their toddler.

Jen believes good writing and design hinge on great storytelling. Key to that is her drive to always seek more impactful profanity, better punchlines and stronger grammatical tools.

She laughs, makes messes and draws dinosaurs with her two kids and husband in Brooklyn.

Alyssa loves connecting people and bringing out the best in individuals and teams. She’s all about getting things done and figuring out how to turn a fledgling idea into a reality. Whiteboarding (aka visualizing big thoughts on a whiteboard and then bringing them to life) is her favorite pastime. When not juggling, you can find Alyssa doing something outside in NY (preferably hiking with her husband).