Jennifer Harlan

Jen is a writer, amateur designer and Juggle webmaster, PR person, parent, partner, daughter, friend and probably a few other labels as well. She's also a word nerd with passionate convictions that swearing is good for you and that it's OK to end a sentence with a preposition if you want to. She laughs, makes messes and draws dinosaurs with her two kids and husband in Brooklyn.

All I want for Christmas is to forgive myself for losing my husband’s stupid phone

I lost my husband’s phone. It’s somewhere in the bowels of our little two-bedroom Brooklyn apartment.  I was convinced we’d find it, but now it’s been two days. Here’s what happened: last week was chaotic. In addition to the normal December frenzy including birthday parties and events, stressing about Christmas/Hanukkah gifts, and upending and re-booking […]