My friend just had a baby. Will our friendship survive?

Alyssa is constantly left wondering how she can be a good friend to a new mother when she isn't a mom herself. She asks the two Juggle moms, Jen and Amy for advice.

Amy and Sarah aren’t sorry

Saying sorry when you don't need to ("sorry, could you pass me the water?") is a bummer. Sarah and Amy tried to stop to boost their confidence.

The Juggle turns one: shit, we built a company!

We're celebrating one year of hosting a vulnerable, relatable space for womxn to share success, insecurity and humor. Here are some things we've learned and our fave articles from the year.

How I got 7 job offers in 8 weeks

Moriah thought outside the box when looking for a new job — and it worked. Now she wants to help others by telling them exactly how she did it.
fuck neon

Swearing: a love story

Much like broccoli, swearing is good for you. Do it liberally for a long life full of happiness and health. Maybe. Kind of.
Halle cover

The case for an empowered Ariel

There’s much to celebrate about the new live-action The Little Mermaid reboot, including the brilliant casting of Halle Bailey as Ariel. But we're conflicted over the 1989 film's lessons about relationships and self-worth. Here's why.
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Take a damn sick day

When Carrie recently left her job, to her horror she discovered the had 31 unused sick days. Here, she makes the case for taking a damn sick day.

What I’m doing to manage my time better

We're wary of "time management" tips that enable us to try to do more than we should. But these tips are all about doing less of what you don't need to in order to focus on what's most important.

“It worked out” diaries: The subway chase

This is about the day Jen vowed to pay more attention: To her actions, her belongings, and her surroundings. Also the day she vowed to get more exercise. (TBD when that part will happen.)

Jen and Sarah spill their guts on insecurity

We all struggle with insecurity sometimes. This personal conversation between friends touches on insecurity, body image and the downside of reassurance.




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