Christine Luo on chasing skills

How I built my career by chasing skills, not promotions

When Christine Luo realized investment banking was making her miserable, she needed to rethink things. Now she ignores "practical" next steps and the corporate ladder in favor of chasing skills and learning. And she loves it.

Black History Month is more than just a month

Guest author Ann Kettles shares a deeply personal story about learning to love her blackness, why Black History Month means so much to her and how others can support the black community in celebrating.

Opting out of busyness

Sarah, a lifelong over-committer, couldn’t figure out how to break the cycle of burnout. An overwhelming low finally changed the way she spent her time.
Screen Shot 2019-01-14 at 8.57.16 PM

How I changed careers in 8 months

Sarah decided she was done feeling stuck in a career she didn't want. Through reaching out to friends, taking (cheap) classes and focusing her networking, she switched careers in 8 months. Here's how.

On womanhood, fertility and being betrayed by your body

Guest blogger Courtney shares her deepest thoughts about being single in her mid-30s contemplating having children. “Do I freeze eggs and hope for the best? Let nature take its course and see what happens to my life over the next…




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