Talk to your parents about their will TODAY

Talking about death sucks, but your future self will thank you for having tough conversations with your parents NOW about how they want their affairs handled when they die, and what role, if any, they hope you'll play.
Sophia Wiener

User experience designer: Sophia Wiener

Sophia left public relations for user experience (UX) design three years ago and hasn’t looked back. The Juggle sat down with her to find out WTF UX is all about, why she chose it and what the future holds.
Photo by Annie Tsung on pexels.com

Why you need a professional development crew

If you're looking for more support or a kick in the pants to get something started, you need a professional development squad. This blog wouldn't exist if I hadn’t found one.
Jug Jen 2

How waiting tables prepared me for business

It’s been years since I’ve brought anyone a beer in exchange for a tip, but working at a sports bar taught me some valuable lessons about being professional.




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