Why we’re drinking less in quarantine

Drinking less in quarantine

For Jen and Sarah, drinking during quarantine doesn’t work. Drinking has often left Sarah feeling physically like crap, and Jen’s always had a problematic on-again, off-again relationship with alcohol. So they both decided to cut way back. That choice certainly isn’t for everyone. But Jen and Sarah are both finding that the emotional rollercoaster of this time is dramatic enough without booze-induced meltdowns or hangover blues.

All I want for Christmas is to forgive myself for losing my husband’s stupid phone

I lost my husband’s phone. It’s somewhere in the bowels of our little two-bedroom Brooklyn apartment.  I was convinced we’d find it, but now it’s been two days. Here’s what happened: last week was chaotic. In addition to the normal December frenzy including birthday parties and events, stressing about Christmas/Hanukkah gifts, and upending and re-booking […]