That’s a job?

We created this section to demystify cool jobs and careers and give our readers a little inspiration. You only know what you know. Here’s to learning something new.

If you want to tell us about your job (especially if it’s awesome), or if you want to learn more about a job that’s not yours, let us know at thejuggleblog at gmail dot com.

Issy Stinnette

Environmental Scientist: Issy Stinnette

Issy Stinnette has a really cool job: She’s a marine scientist, specializing in estuary science. She talked to The Juggle about what her job actually entails and the winding route…
Sophia Wiener

User experience designer: Sophia Wiener

Sophia left public relations for user experience (UX) design three years ago and hasn’t looked back. The Juggle sat down with her to find out WTF UX is all about,…