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How to not suck at working from home

Jennifer, a six-year pro of working from home, says: make a dedicated workspace, stop doing your laundry and don't forget to leave the house sometimes.

My ritual to acknowledge life’s ups and downs

The small ups and downs of life are important. Sarah found a way to celebrate wins, wash away discomforts, spend time with a friend and cool off from a Texas summer all at once.

Navigating friendship as an adult

Making friends as an adult is hard. Maintaining them can feel even harder. Alyssa shares six lessons she has learned 15 years and six moves later.

Maybe Valentine’s Day isn’t stupid after all

Jen always thought Valentine's Day was kind of stupid and commercial, until her kid opened her eyes to how cool and worthwhile it can be to simply take a moment and show people you care about them.
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Our take on 2020 resolutions

We're not into concrete resolutions this year. Instead we're embracing words like "courageous" to guide us through 2020.

An ode to phoning it in

Knowing when not to try your hardest is one of the most adaptive life skills you can develop.

The Juggle’s family holiday survival guide

Here at The Juggle, we’re all about self care. Jen loves her family, but let’s be honest, sometimes togetherness can take a lot out of you. Here are some strategies to survive and thrive this holiday season.